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by Terence Conran
Item # 6206

Format: Paperback 

ISBN: 9781840916027

Pages: 272

Copyright Year: 2012

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In today's world, when making home improvements, there is more to consider than simply changing the way your home looks or functions. Environmental issues should be part of every decision you make, from selecting fabric for soft furnishings to designing and siting a home extension. Eco House Book provides all the information you need to reduce your home's carbon footprint and directly improve your quality of life.

Most homes are not decorated, designed, constructed or serviced with eco-friendliness in mind. But you don't have to start again from scratch to make a huge difference in the impact your home has on the environment. We can do a great deal to convert our existing homes into greener, healthier places to live. Eco House Book explains how relatively small changes can be made (e.g., simple energy efficiency improvements, water saving tips) as well as more dramatic overhauls (such as redesigning room use, converting basements and extending your home).

Reducing the vast amounts of energy and water that homes consume on a daily basis receives special attention. You'll find advice on low-energy lighting strategies and decorative choices, improving insulation, the latest green heating systems, alternative ways of generating power, and electricity-reducing appliances.

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