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by Peter Block
Item # 6197

Format: Hardcover 

ISBN: 9781605092775

Pages: 240

Copyright Year: 2008

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Modern society is plagued by fragmentation, with sections of our communities never working together: Businesses, schools, social service organizations, churches and government exist in their own worlds. So do individual citizens, who long for connection but end up marginalized, their gifts overlooked and their potential contributions lost. This disconnection and detachment makes it difficult to envision a common future and work toward it together. We know what healthy communities resemble; many success stories exist and have been described in detail. What author Peter Block provides in this inspiring new book is an exploration of the exact way community can emerge from fragmentation: How is community built? How does the transformation occur? What fundamental shifts are involved? He explores a way of thinking about our places that creates an opening for authentic communities to exist, and he details what each of us can do to make that happen.

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