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by V. Head and K. Forbes
Item # 6097

Format: Paperback 


Pages: 480

Copyright Year: 2012

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Whether you're looking to start a backyard chicken flock; need information on bee-hive management; or need instructions on how to brew your first homemade beer this stunning 3-book set has all the answers you need and more. The Homesteading Resource Set are three 160-page books, including The Chicken Handbook, The Beekeeping Handbook, and Home Brewing.

The Chicken Handbook
This handbook covers everything you need to know about this satisfying and rewarding hobby, from choosing your breed and preparing your chicken house to establishing your flock and reaping the benefits of fresh produce. Illustrated throughout, this indispensable guide offers the advice you need to ensure that your birds stay happy, healthy, and thriving.

The Beekeeping Handbook
A clear and comprehensive guide, this book is for any would-be beekeeper that includes a detailed look into the history of bees and beekeeping, and offers practical advice on how to buy colonies, keep detailed records, manage a hive, and, of course, deal with stings. Fully illustrated, this book is invaluable in helping you fully understand your bees and the best way to keep them happy.

Home Brewing
With many labor- and money-saving tips throughout, this is the perfect starter's guide to home brewing. Covering kits, ingredients, equipment, techniques, and the all-important recipes, this comprehensive manual offers all the know-how required to start your brew from scratch, as well as offering tips on how best to adapt the ingredients to suit your personal taste.

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