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by Holly Bellebuono
Item # 5990

Format: Paperback  

ISBN: 9781590309476

Pages: 304

Copyright Year: 2012

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Entering the "herb world" can be intimidating; if you live in the city or have never spent much time in the wilderness or on a farm, learning about plants can seem impossible. And if you desire a more natural approach to healing for yourself and your family, today's herb books, filled with cultivation tables, harvest techniques, dye charts, and aromatherapy guides, can seem overwhelming.

This book is a welcome entry point for those wishing to experience the beauty and simplicity of natural herbal remedies safely and easily. By focusing on just thirteen foundation herbs, you can easily jump into the world of herbs while still finding a wide range of remedies and recipes. With something for everyone in the family—men, women, and children—these simple and effective recipes can be made to help ease tummy aches, calm anxiety, moisturize skin, and more.

After fourteen years as a professional medical herbalist, and as an avid crafter and homesteader, author Holly Bellebuono shares the joy of identifying plants, making handmade remedies, and experiencing a healthy lifestyle. Discover the pleasure of crafting your family's own useful medicines with simplicity and joy.

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