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by Jacob Racusin/Ace McArleton
Item # 5943

Format: Paperback  

ISBN: 9781603583398

Pages: 416

Copyright Year: 2012

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A State-of-the-Art Resource for Natural Builders

Natural buildings not only bring satisfaction to their makers and joy to their occupants, they also leave the gentlest footprint on the environment. In this complete reference to natural building philosophy, design, and technique, Jacob Deva Racusin and Ace McArleton walk builders through planning and construction, offering step-by-step instructions on:

  • Siting
  • Planning for heat and moisture
  • Developing an integrative design
  • Creating the foundation, wall system, roof, and floors
  • Protecting against fire and insects
  • Planning for acoustics
  • Selecting and making finishes
  • Plastering
  • Budgeting
...and more

Applicable to building in climates that are cold and wet, hot and dry, or somewhere in between, The Natural Building Companion offers thorough coverage of straw bale, straw-clay, woodchip-clay, and cellulose wall systems--as well as earthen and stone wall systems. Integrating holistic design and permaculture principles, this fully illustrated volume informs professionals making the transition from conventional building, homeowners embarking on their own construction, or green builders who want comprehensive guidance on natural-building options.

The book, part of the The Yestermorrow Design/Build Library, is accompanied by an instructional DVD.