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by Melinda Myers
Item # 5941

Format: Paperback  

ISBN: 9781591861850

Pages: 176

Copyright Year: 2006

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This Can't Miss title captures the ingenuity and simplicity necessary for gardening in small spaces. Written by one of America's most popular gardening experts, Melinda Myers, Small Space Gardening provides "Can't Miss" advice for success. It's the perfect book for gardeners with small lots, or those desiring an intimate garden within a larger landscape. Small Space Gardening is a national title, covering a range of small space gardening topics, such as:

  • Growing gardens and landscapes in limited space
  • Layering and growing vertically
  • Suggestions for dwarf plant
  • Using containers as accents
  • Maintenance of a densely planted landscape
  • Lighting, water features, and irrigation for small spaces
  • Emphasis on minimal work and maximum enjoyment.