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Ideal for topping your favorite pasta dishes or Caesar salad with Parmesan or any fresh grated cheese, our sustainably manufactured, durable Fine Cheese Grater is the perfect addition to any cook's arsenal.

Natural Home is proud to introduce its line of Moboo® (molded bamboo) kitchenware - offering durable, nontoxic alternatives to utensils made with chemical-based plastics. We've spent several years working with our manufacturing partners on an innovative process that transforms bamboo sawdust left over from the manufacture of our bamboo product line into colorful kitchenware. Moboo® (molded bamboo) is light on the planet and healthy for you and your family, making it a great natural alternative to plastic.

Stainless steel is unique in its ability to be recycled. On average, conventional stainless steel is composed of 30 percent recycled content. In Natural Home Products, that amount is 93 percent.

This product includes a grater cover.

The grater is made from stainless steel with a Moboo® (molded bamboo) handle.

The stainless steel used is 93 percent recycled.

The grater is hand wash only.

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