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by Cam Mather
Item # 5615

Format: Paperback 

ISBN: 978-0-9810132-2-0

Pages: 267

Copyright Year: 2010

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North American’s love gardening but what could be worse than convincing them that growing their own food is difficult. With the world at or beyond peak oil, and the threat of climate change demanding we eat closer to home there has never been a better time to start growing vegetables. The great news is that it really is easy and a huge source of joy and accomplishment for gardeners to start turning backyards into produce departments. Previous limited space and intensive gardening books make gardening look difficult. There’s too many charts. Too many checklists to tick off. Too much talk of trace minerals and hard to find soil supplements. Growing vegetables is not hard. In fact it’s hard not to do it well, so a book shouldn’t intimidate people. That’s why The All You Can Eat Gardening Handbook is such a breath of fresh air.

It assures people there’s nothing to it, but they should just get out there and do it. With basic tips and techniques it provides some tools but not to the point of keeping people out of the garden all together thinking they’ll miss some important part of the “system”.

As a motivator it provides some background on how energy intensive the North American diet is and how fossil fuel resource depletion will lead to us spending an every increasing percentage of our incomes on food. With many hard hit by the economic crisis, growing your own food simply makes economic sense. To further motivate readers The All You Can Eat Gardening Handbook gives readers the incredible health benefits of each of the vegetables and fruits they grown. Sure, Grandma always told us to eat our vegetables but as adults it’s nice to know about all the incredible health benefits of each item you’re growing. Suddenly the cancer fighting properties of the broccoli provide a whole new motivation to start growing it yourself. And having strategies for harvesting rainwater, watering with drip irrigation and dealing with some of the challenges our changing climate may throw at you help you helps taylor the information to each readers unique growing circumstances.

Whether you’ve got a small city lot, a typical suburban backyard or a large country property The All You Can Eat Gardening Handbook is the tool you need to get motivated to start growing healthy, local, inexpensive and soil and soul enriching vegetables today!

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