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by Dr. Andrew Iverson
Item # 5291

Format: Hardcover 

ISBN: 978-0984472406

Pages: 312

Copyright Year: 2010

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Do you like fruit? What if I told you that your favorite fruit could be contributing to your growing waistline and putting you at risk for diabetes and heart disease? Did you know that what you eat can affect your energy, your memory, your mood, and even how you think? Certain foods can even make a child behave poorly and lose focus in school. What if I told you that many of the health symptoms that Americans are experiencing today could be remedied by a simple solution: Nature s Diet

Our distant ancestors depended solely on 'Nature's kitchen' for survival; today our diet is genetically engineered, man-made in a factory, and loaded with harmful chemicals. The result: An epidemic of illnesses like never before seen in human history.

Dr. Andrew Iverson wrote this book after seeing chronically ill patients every day in his own practice. Fascinatingly, he saw that when someone feeds their body the correct nutrition and detoxifies from chemical waste, they can have amazing improvements in their health. After witnessing this simple response over and over again, Dr. Iverson realized that he had to share with the rest of the world what he was doing with his own patients. He needed to reach out and TEACH people how to heal that were so desperately seeking to have their health back.

This book unlocks Nature's secret message in a 21-day nutritional guide on how to heal your body and stay healthy in order to have the optimal health you were intended. It is based on observing how plants and animals survive in nature and applying those simple principles to human health and healing.

By reading Nature's Diet you will gain another perspective on widely debated fad diets like protein based Atkins diet versus vegetarian diets. You will learn why your multi-vitamin is more of a drug than a nutrient and what the effect of hidden food allergies may be having on your system. You will also learn about the effects of the thousands of environmental chemicals, like heavy metals, you are exposed to each day and how you can cleanse and detoxify them from your body. Every page is loaded with insightful information and fun facts including who should or shouldn't take bio-identical hormones, what you are missing in your life for sounder sleep, and even how to achieve more gratifying sex in a completely natural way. Nature's Diet is your key to living simply, consciously, and is attainable by every person -- naturally.

The answers you've been seeking to heal your body and stay healthy have always been available to you. If you are ready to live free of poor health, Nature's Diet is giving you a simple plan.

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