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by Jose Antonio Ares
Item # 5231

Format: Paperback 

ISBN: 978-1-60059-384-0

Pages: 144

Copyright Year: 2008

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These amazing techniques and projects offer a modern twist on a traditional art — and they’ll transform your image of the blacksmith forever. Blacksmithing provides an accessible introduction to forging, the process of hammering or pressing steel to a finished shape (most often by applying high heat to the metal). More and more people are discovering the creative pleasure of going into an iron studio, applying high heat to steel, and hammering or pressing interesting shapes.

There's an overview of materials (such as various forms of steel) as well as essential tools (including hammers, torches and anvils). Master such techniques as creating a right-angle bend, forming a point, and making spirals and curls. You'll also learn how to craft your own nails, fasteners and brackets. Then choose from 10 beginner-friendly projects, from a simple trivet to a handsome weathervane.

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