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by Lisa Jobs
Item # 5180

Format: Paperback  

ISBN: 0-9765245-4-6

Pages: 105

Copyright Year:

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Sensational Stevia Desserts has 82 fantastic low-carb desserts and variations to help you take sugar and artificial sweeteners out of dessert preparation forever by using stevia, an all-natural alternative. Whether you’re diabetic, on a low-carb or candida diet, hypoglycemic, or simply watching your sugar and artificial sweetener intake, this book is for you.

A natural alternative to sugar, aspartame, saccharin and sucralose, stevia makes desserts delicious, low-carb and lower in calories, without sacrificing flavor.

Author and former stevia business owner Lisa Jobs has perfected these dessert recipes and stresses more natural, healthy ingredients, reducing sugar intake and eliminating the need for artificial sweeteners. For the past 10 years, Lisa Jobs has developed and tested hundreds of stevia dessert recipes. Now, with the creation of Sensational Stevia Desserts, she is sharing them with you!