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by Cam Mather
Item # 4330

Format: Paperback 


Pages: 317

Copyright Year: 2009

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Thriving During Challenging Times is meant to serve as your handbook to energy, food and financial independence during this difficult era of rising oil costs, economic crisis, water shortages and climate change.

It's an easy time to be discouraged, but it's also an excellent time to take stock of your life and make some changes. It's time to reclaim your financial independence, weather the storm, and bring new meaning to your life. The technological world we find ourselves in distances us from the experiences that used to be part of the rhythm of daily life. Growing your own food, heating your home without being reliant on someone else, and living within your means are activities that will bring joy to your life and help you deal with the multiple challenges that we face today.

This book is a road map to making your home more independent, getting your bank account back on track, and discovering that digging potatoes for dinner or showering in water heated by the sun can provide the greatest of satisfactions. It's time to pay down that debt, grow your own food, and start integrating renewable energy and energy efficiency into your home to reduce your carbon footprint, achieve financial independence, and return your spirit to its rightful place in harmony with the simple things that make life a fantastic journey.

About the author: Cam Mather lives four miles from the nearest electricity lines, generating his power from the sun and wind and growing most of his own food. He is co-publisher of Aztext Press and the Solutions for Sustainability book series. He has produced instructional DVDs on growing vegetables and installing wind turbines and has motivated thousands of his workshop attendees to take joy in becoming more independent.

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