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by Wanda Urbanska
Item # 4296

Format: Paperback 

ISBN: 978-0684802237

Pages: 336

Copyright Year: 1998

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Thinking about leaving the city? Or just wishing you could? You're not alone. America is undergoing a rural renaissance, as countless thousands seek a simpler life and a safe, comfortable community in which to start businesses, raise families and eventually retire. But finding the town that's right for you isn't always easy. That's why Moving to a Small Town offers a systematic, user-friendly approach to help you locate a community with the ideal culture, climate and career opportunities.

Anecdotal, down-to-earth and full of practical information, Moving to a Small Town takes you step-by-step through this sometimes complicated yet rewarding life transition, addressing how to scout a new location, plan a move, calculate the costs, recast your career using new telecommunications technology and make a place for yourself in a new community.

Filled with charts, worksheets and profiles of folks who've made the move (and love it), Moving to a Small Town is an inspirational guidebook dedicated to helping you pinpoint your ideal small town and make your life there work - permanently.

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