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by Carol A. Amundson
Item # 4137

Format: Paperback 

ISBN: 9780760343784

Pages: 200

Copyright Year: 2009

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As pets or livestock, goats are increasingly popular animals on farms large and small. Easier and cheaper to keep than many larger animals, they will keep a pony company, pull a cart, and produce the perfect milk for many artisan cheeses or meat for some of the most up-and-coming ethnic cuisines. For anyone thinking of acquiring a goat or starting a herd — for whatever reason — this book is an essential resource.

Written by an authority on goat breeding and behavior, this approachable guide covers every component of raising goats for fun or profit, meat or milk. Beginning with the basics — history and behavior, types and breeds — Carol Amundson answers all of a prospective owner's questions about getting a goat, from land requirements and regulations to choosing or assessing particular animals or breeds.

In a clear and engaging way, she goes into the details of housing and feeding, breeding and milking, training and showing, transporting and marketing goats of all kinds -- as well as the dos and donts of keeping them healthy from birth to old age. Concise, complete and easy-to-use, this is a reference that no goat owner should be without.

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