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by Jackie Clay
Item # 3494

Format: Downloadable PDF 


Pages: 35

Building a horse barn is quite a project — and there is a vast and varied array of plans and books available to help you. But renovating a shelter to make it fit for just one or two horses, or building a sturdy three-sided shelter, can be quite simple, even if you have only basic carpentry skills.

This e-handbook shows you what you need to know to properly construct horse housing. Chapters included are:

  • The Fundamentals of Building for Horses
  • Tips and Techniques for Remodeling
  • Building a Simple Run-in Shelter
  • Designing the Layout for a Small Barn Renovation
  • Roofing Your Horse Barn
  • Building a Stall
  • Providing Food and Water in the Barn
  • Finishes to Preserve Your Horse Shelter

Horses are adaptable creatures, but they are also large, strong, active, and playful. Having a sturdy shelter for them can give you peace of mind.

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