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by Diane Scarazzini
Item # 3483

Format: Downloadable PDF 


Pages: 36

Many of us have had some experience with trying to save an orphaned or injured wild bird. When faced with a bird in need, most people want to help but don’t know how — and also fear doing more harm than good.

This e-handbook offers some helpful guidelines plus some basic bird knowledge so that you can learn not only how to assist birds in trouble but also which ones really need assistance. Chapters include:

  • The ABCs of Baby Birds
  • Helping a Grounded Baby Bird
  • The Six Most Important Rules of First Aid for Birds
  • Cat Mauling
  • Releasing a Wild Bird
  • Feeding Wild Birds

The information presented here is not intended to replace doctoring by a professional, but with the help of this valuable reference, can help you be the first line of defense in aiding an injured bird. 36 pages.

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