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by Jim Long
Item # 2065

Format: Paperback 

ISBN: 1580170757

Pages: 63

Copyright Year: 1998

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In this 63-page book, the healing energies of aromatic herbs and flowers are combined into 17 dream blends specially designed to reduce stress and increase mental clarity and awareness.

A fragrance can instantly take you back in time in your mind. The brief smell of cologne or perfume, not experienced in years, can, in an instant, remind you of a first date in high school. The fragrance of roses may remind you of your great aunt, or the smell of fresh bread baking can transport you to the pleasant holidays of your childhood.

Dream Pillows are a form of aromatherapy, a means of making dreams more interesting, more soothing or colorful. In his newest book, Herbal Dream Pillows, Jim Long shares nearly two dozen of his dream pillow formulas.

You'll find dream blends to keep away nightmares, blends to comfort you when you travel, some that evoke romantic dreams, and still others that inspire creative dreaming.

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