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Expert Estimates Billions in Excess Costs If Nuclear Power Projects Continue in Southeast

Press Release

A report from economic analyst Mark Cooper shows that continuing nuclear power projects in the Southeast will only produce billions of dollars in excess costs.  

Home Automation: 5 Ways it is Combating Global Warming

By David Glenn

How new technologies, such as home automation are making Earth more eco-friendly.   

All Electric Generating Capacity Added in January Renewable

By Philip Bump

According to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, 100 percent of the electric generating capacity added in January was renewable.

7 Ways Your iPhone Can Help Save the Planet

By David Glenn

It's about seven unique way's you can use your iPhone to be more energy efficient.


Study: Solar 'Net Metering' To Provide Over $92 Million in Benefits to California Ratepayers, Electrical Grid

Press Release

Despite utility opposition, key policy drives rapid expansion of rooftop solar.

Resolution Introduced to Push San Francisco to Divest from Fossil Fuels

Press Release

San Francisco may become be the second city after Seattle to join a growing movement to divest from the companies driving the climate crisis.    

Solomon Islands Solar Power Project

By Robert Freling

For rural Solomon Island villages reliant on kerosene lamps, a solar power project was just the thing to light their way.

Sunelco: The Sun Electric Company

By Russ Lawrence

Dan Brandborg founded Sunelco to harvest another of Montana's abundant resources: open sky.

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