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Towards Perpetual Motion Machines - Part 2 of 3

By David Wright

A three-part series on sustainable comfort systems for heating and cooling homes using passive solar design, solar electric power, system controllers and newly popular heat pump technology.

KOR Launches Nava — The Bottled-Water Killer

Press Release

KOR Water has announced the reusable Nava filtering water bottle.

30 Steps to Energy Efficiency - Step 1: Call Your Utility Company

By Comly Wilson

Tonight when you get home from work or school, call your utility company and ask what incentives they have for you to get an energy audit for your home. Many utilities have been offering free energy audits for years, but very few people have actually taken advantage.

Declining Gasoline Consumption Means We Don't Need Pipelines

By Earth Policy Institute

As America’s fuel use continues to decrease, proposed solutions such as the Keystone XL pipeline and food-to-fuel conversions may be unnecessary.


Wind Power Industry Leaders Awarded

Press Release

South Dakota and Alaska electric cooperatives received the award for 2012 Wind Cooperatives of the Year.

Property Value of Nearby Homes Hurt By Wind Turbines

Press Release

Wind turbines within two miles of residential areas can hurt the property values of homes.

Earth Gauge Tip of the Week — Container Gardening for Rain

By Earth Gauge

Rain gardens provide many benefits including filtering out pollutants and keeping runoff out of city storm sewers.

Annual Review Finds Inconsistency in Maintaining Nuclear Power Plant Safety

By Union of Concerned Scientists

A new report from the Union of Concerned Scientists shows significant lapses in nuclear power plant safety.  

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