Renewable Energy

The best advice on energy efficiency, solar power, wind energy, living off the grid, and more.

Energy Efficiency Still Has Room for Improvement

By Kellsey Trimble

Our efforts to improve energy efficiency in the United States might be faltering.

Inventor of Portable Solar Tracker Finalist in National Competition

Press Release

Finalist in national science competition partners with “green” city to endorse sustainable energy.

Admirals Alternatives Sees Direct Ownership as Future of Residential Renewable Energy Systems

Press Release

Admirals Alternatives make it easier to obtain renewable energy systems for your home.

Solar Double Cropping

By Lyle Estill

On sunny days it delivers about a half a megawatt of electricity to the biodiesel plant, while providing strategic shade to plants below. Energy is produced above as farmers harvest below in a genuine double cropping scenario.


Bringing Renewable Energy to Alaskan Villages

By David J. Hughes

The “Remote Community Renewable Energy Partnership” exceeds Obama’s goal for supporting clean energy development in small native villages.

EPA Strengthens Requirements for Energy Star Appliances

By U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

New standards for Energy Star refrigerators and freezers will reduce energy consumption and include “connected” features.

First Grid-Connected Offshore Wind Turbine Launches in U.S.

By the U.S. Department of Energy

University of Maine leads the United States in clean-energy technology, thanks to the development of a grid-connected wind turbine off the coast of Maine.

Towards Perpetual Motion Machines-Part 3

By David Wright

A 3-part series on sustainable comfort systems for heating and cooling homes using passive solar design, solar electric power, system controllers and newly popular heat pump technology.

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