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5 Ways to Save Fuel with Your Heavy Equipment

By James White

Until we get electric or solar-run heavy equipment, here's a few tips on how to use less fuel when operating your equipment around the farm or construction site.

Tesla’s Power Storage Batteries Are Making Waves

An editorial from MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Tesla is developing batteries for home power storage that may solve the challenges presented by the irregular nature of wind and solar energy.

Everyday Solar Cooking

By Joel Dufour

Solar radiation is the most prolific source of energy on our planet. For a small investment and a little know-how you can harness this power and make fuel-free meals.

Renewable Energy Is Not Always ‘Green’: Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Hydroelectric Reservoirs

By Kale Roberts, Blogging Coordinator

Hydropower is the world’s leading form of renewable energy, accounting for more than 16 percent of global electricity generation. But dam enthusiasts who tout hydro’s climate credentials may not like the news about its emissions numbers.


Turn Wood into Free Motor Fuel with a Wood Gasifier

By Ben Peterson, Reinvent the World

Imagine being able to turn dead tree branches from your own property into motor fuel. Make power just about anywhere, at any time...for free. Sounds futuristic, right? Fuel your back-up electrical generator with wood gas and save a trip to town. Learn build tricks from a pro for a reliable system on a DIY budget.

Why Utility Companies Want You to Pay More for Solar Power

By Bryan Phelps, Vivint Solar

The cost of solar panels, installation and system maintenance have fallen, making the prospect of solar affordable and appealing to both homeowners and businesses. But as residential and commercial solar installation surges, utility companies who have grown accustomed to large market share are pushing back.

The Wise Grid Series, Part 1: Smart Meters Are Not Smart

By Camilla Rees, National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy

Transformation of the electricity sector may be able to be delayed by wasting billions of federal tax dollars on unnecessary meters, and large long-distance transmission lines, but it cannot be stopped. It may be a politically rocky transition for the foreseeable future, but I am confident America will certainly achieve energy independence and clean energy abundance.

How a Small Wind Turbine Works, Part 4: The Tower

By Chip Means, Pika Energy

The previous entry provided a run-through of the basic wind turbine terms. Here, we’ll cover the tower, the unsung hero of small wind turbine energy production.

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