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Sustainable Solar Generators for Quiet Power Anywhere

Denver, CO - Sustainable Solar LLC has recently rolled out a line of Light-Weight, Portable, Noiseless Solar Generators providing a convenient power supply in remote or off-the-grid areas, or for recreation, relief efforts, outages, or other applications where power is needed and not available.

Offered in three sizes, all SOLA-Gen generators are easy to transport, even into the most rugged locations. Designed to be portable, "green" and user-friendly, each unit is noiseless and 100% self-contained requiring no fuel to operate.  Providing sustainable recreational solutions, SOLA-Gen portable solar generators are available in three models: 

  • SOLA-Gen 1 -- 30 lbs:   750 Watts of continuous power
  • SOLA-Gen 2 -- 42 lbs: 1500 Watts of continuous power - equipped with USB port
  • SOLA-Gen 3 -- 70 lbs: 2500 Watts of continuous power - equipped with USB port

Prices range from $895 to $1595.  Find full product information at

Applications for the SOLA-Gen power generators include: 

  • Recreational uses such as camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, mountain climbing, and other activities where power is desired but not readily available and users want to respect their surroundings by not generating noise or fumes from fuel
  • Industrial uses such as powering tools at construction and mining sites
  • Archeological exploration in remote areas to power lighting, computers, radios and more
  • Special events - in areas with no power supply to charge mobile phones or stereo systems 
  • Global Relief efforts - when local power has been interrupted and emergency power is required

About Sustainable Solar LLC

Based in Ft. Collins Colorado, Sustainable Solar LLC is the brainchild of two outdoorswomen dedicated to preserving the planet. This 100% female-owned company assembles and distributes light-weight, quiet, portable Solar generators that provide a remote off-the-grid power supply for dozens of uses.  A portion of all proceeds is donated to Samaritan’s Purse to assist with global relief efforts. For more information visit Or contact Co-Founders:  Amber Mornes: 970.222.4501 or  Mirinda Scott: 720.425.8702. Follow us on Facebook, and Twitter.

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