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Sustainable Solar Generators for Quiet Power Anywhere

Denver, CO - Sustainable Solar LLC has recently rolled out a line of Light-Weight, Portable, Noiseless Solar Generators providing a convenient power supply in remote or off-the-grid areas, or for recreation, relief efforts, outages, or other applications where power is needed and not available.

Offered in three sizes, all SOLA-Gen generators are easy to transport, even into the most rugged locations. Designed to be portable, "green" and user-friendly, each unit is noiseless and 100% self-contained requiring no fuel to operate.  Providing sustainable recreational solutions, SOLA-Gen portable solar generators are available in three models: 

Prices range from $895 to $1595.  Find full product information at

Applications for the SOLA-Gen power generators include: 

About Sustainable Solar LLC

Based in Ft. Collins Colorado, Sustainable Solar LLC is the brainchild of two outdoorswomen dedicated to preserving the planet. This 100% female-owned company assembles and distributes light-weight, quiet, portable Solar generators that provide a remote off-the-grid power supply for dozens of uses.  A portion of all proceeds is donated to Samaritan’s Purse to assist with global relief efforts. For more information visit Or contact Co-Founders:  Amber Mornes: 970.222.4501 or  Mirinda Scott: 720.425.8702. Follow us on Facebook, and Twitter.

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