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Inventor of Portable Solar Tracker Finalist in National Competition

Portable Solar Tracker

A local inventor and entrepreneur has been chosen as a finalist in a national competition for a project that would supply Greensburg, Kan., with a solar-powered LED sign to promote the city’s green initiatives.

Mark Moser is the man behind the Konza Portable Solar Tracker, a first-of-its-kind device that automatically tracks the sun, generating renewable energy to power homes and equipment in even the most remote locations. Since 2008, Moser has designed small- to medium-scale trackers for residential and commercial purposes. But recently, Moser has been looking for a way to expand into larger markets — namely, the utilities market.  

When Moser heard that Popular Science magazine, an international science and technology news publication, was hosting a competition — the #CrowdGrant Challenge — for the nation’s brightest innovators in science, technology, mathematics and engineering, he knew that this was his chance to build a bigger tracker, and show the world just how powerful and crucial solar energy is.

“We as a society need to focus on how we are going to move forward into the future with renewable energy sources like solar,” Moser said. “We now understand that the fossil fuel industries are responsible for a significant amount of damage to our planet. Ultimately, we will have to abandon fossil fuels and recognize that sustainable living is our only way into the future.”

Moser began the process of entering the #CrowdGrant Challenge, but wanting to do more than simply produce a utility-scale tracker, he reached out to the city of Greensburg, Kan. When 95% of Greensburg was destroyed by an EF5 tornado in 2007, citizens decided to not only rebuild, but to become the first city in the nation built to LEED-platinum standards. Calling Greensburg an “emerald in a sea of coal,” Moser would like to provide the city with a large-scale solar tracker to power an LED sign honoring and promoting the city’s move to renewable energy. Citizens of Greensburg are excited about the project and the journey it represents.

“The City of Greensburg is thrilled to be chosen as a home for the Konza Solar project. It’s a great fit with our goal to rebuild a sustainable community,” Stacy Barnes, City of Greensburg convention & tourism director, said. “An LED sign powered by solar energy will bring attention to our community in an energy-efficient way and reinforce our mission to be better, stronger and greener.”

After hundreds of entries were submitted, 24 finalists — including Moser — were chosen to present and raise funds for their projects through, an online crowdfunding site. Finalists have until Aug. 30 to run their crowdfunding campaigns and raise the money they need to turn their dreams into reality.

Moser’s goal is to raise $100,000 to build, deliver and install a Konza Tracker in Greensburg. He knows that those who invest in this project will feel good about their contribution.

“Energy production is one of the big issues of the future, and people like those in Greensburg are starting to recognize this,” Moser said. “The Konza Portable Solar Tracker is a simple, effective way for anyone and everyone to move to solar energy. The sooner we do that, the better. It’s in everyone’s best interest to help innovators in this area, so that we can make sure our children and grandchildren have electricity in the years to come.”

For more information on Konza Portable Solar Trackers and its involvement in the Popular Science #CrowdGrant Challenge, please contact Mark Moser at 785-537-5028 or You can also visit the website at

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