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No Batteries Required

By Heidi Hunt

Tags: energy efficient, small appliance, clocks,

Bedol clock2 

We received a most unusual product in the office last week – a clock that runs on water. No batteries, cords, solar panels ….. just salt water!! How you might ask does this work? Chemistry!

The innards are made of two opposing metals and the ions in the salt water create a charge that produces the “electricity” to power the Bedol water clock. Now don’t get too excited and think that this is the cure for our energy woes. The amount of electricity produced by this chemical reaction is very small. But still, no batteries are required – so all of those disposable batteries that required manufacturing, shipping, selling and disposing of will never be needed to operate this clock.

The clock I received last week hasn’t lost any seconds since I added the salt water and set it. It will be fun to see how long it goes before I need to add more salt. In the meantime, I’m really enjoying this attractive, very low-tech addition to my desk top.