Grid Alternatives and Wood Stove Restoration

In pursuit of self-sufficiency, readers are always willing to consider alternatives. Home-based solar power systems are finally becoming cost-effective as grid alternatives, and wood is an option for heating/cooking if you have an old wood stove and are motivated to attempt a wood stove restoration.

grid alternatives

The dream of solar power as a viable grid alternative is coming every closer to reality.


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If you ever want a reminder that you and your family are not completely self-sufficient, get into a money dispute with your local electric utility company. They have a persuasive way of making their point.

You may try calling them because your rates seem strangely high, your bill is incorrect, or you're simply unhappy about their service. After ricocheting off their voice mail system or waiting in their brightly lit customer waiting room, you might begin to think that you truly have some cause to be upset.

But you're a reasonable person, so you pay the disputed amount. Then you wait patiently for them to restore your electricity, just as they promised. Unfortunately, they’re not in quite as much of a rush as you are. As a matter of fact, they are nowhere to be seen — even though they absolutely assured you their serviceman would be at your house that same morning. And they are not quite as emotional as you are when you have to buy two hundred feet of extension cord to get electricity from your neighbor's house.

Okay. It's easy to put down utilities as state-regulated monopolies that have exclusive control of a single product the developed world finds indispensable. Maybe they just inhabit a different world than you and I. So all we can do is complain and pay up each month. There really aren't any reasonable, cost-efficient grid alternatives. Or there weren’t, until now.

Solar energy has come of age. Steadily and quietly, technological advances and reduced equipment costs have transformed the idea of an electrically independent home, free from the grip of a utility grid, from fantasy to practical necessity. If you are planning for, laying out, or just dreaming about a new life without grid extension costs and monthly utility bills, we hope the "Living Off the Grid: Solar Power for Homes, 1994 Guide" is helpful to you.

In the February/March issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWS, we will be detailing the installation of a home photovoltaic system as part of a continuing series on alternative energy. We know that if it's not in people's budgets, it's just interesting, not useful. Solar energy isn't just good for the planet. It will save you money.

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