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Coming Soon to a Store Near You: More Solar Energy Products

Ever increasing energy costs have caused consumers to take a serious look at the solar alternative,” said George Briewa, NASS CEO “Our new solar store brand will clearly communicate where homeowners can come to get expert assistance and high-quality solar products.

NASS is a network that is an outgrowth of a group of well established, locally owned Hearth & Home stores. NASS is creating a nationally recognized solar store brand to meet the solar energy needs of each community by providing solar PV and solar thermal from reputable and trusted sources. The growing NASS network currently includes 26 brick and mortar Hearth & Home, HVAC or alternative energy stores, with more stores coming very soon.

The highly fragmented solar industry is currently undergoing a fundamental change. With the abundance of federal and state tax incentives, homeowners and small businesses now realize the full potential of solar power. The North American Solar Stores network recognizes the vast benefits solar energy provides for the general public and works to assist consumers by making solar easily understood and accessible.

Each solar store sends their solar technicians to continuing education classes and field training to learn about the latest solar technology and solar installation best practices. The mandatory on-going training through the NASS Solar Training Institute in Madison, WI guarantees consumers will receive the best assistance and knowledge at any of the NASS locations.

The NASS mission is to provide consumers and small businesses with the resources to carefully guide consumers through the solar purchasing process.

The NASS solar store network provides four distinct advantages for solar consumers.

Collective Buying Power

The size of all of the North American Solar Stores together allows the network to negotiate large-scale purchases of high quality solar components for a lower cost. Each store then capitalizes on the shared buying power and offers prices competitive with all other local solar retailers to their consumers

Highly Trained Professionals

Each of the member solar stores have their own installation and service crews to operate their long standing businesses, so adding rooftop solar panel installation and servicing to their repertoire is easily accomplished with the specialized NASS training. These service technicians also have a solid understanding of the various mechanical systems in each home, which allows them to easily navigate the intricacies of solar installations. Each solar technician is required to attend hands on training and education at the NASS Solar Training Institute in Madison, WI. These on-going training courses guarantee that every consumer who visits a NASS network store will receive the best service in the industry.

The NASS curriculum was created under the direction of ISPQ Certified Master Trainer, Chris LaForge in partnership with the MREA (Midwest Renewable Energy Association). The Solar Training Institute has a rigorous schedule of requirements that provides our professionals with a real competitive edge over other solar providers. Best practices are shared throughout the NASS network building continuously on our commitment to continuing education.

Strong Local Reputation Backed by a Nationally Recognized Brand Name

Many other solar energy equipment providers lack a successful track record and reputation. However, NASS partners exclusively with existing well established stores, so each brick and mortar solar store in the network has been in business for years operating in a related alternative energy industry.  These stores have spent many years establishing a reputation of high quality service and customer satisfaction in their local community and continue to meet this high level of customer satisfaction in the solar industry.

Consumer Focused Retail Model

While large-scale solar projects have dominated solar news, a sustainable future lies in the hands of the everyday consumer. NASS strives to help consumers adopt an economical alternative energy resource. NASS helps consumers incorporate solar into their home improvement strategy, by making solar understandable and accessible to all homeowners and small business owners.

NASS member stores are currently located in Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Wisconsin, and the provinces of British Columbia and Ontario. There are also NASS locations coming soon in many other states and provinces across North America.

Learn more on the NASS Solar Stores Website 

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