Real Food

How to find fresh, seasonal, sustainable foods, plus delicious, healthy recipes.

Making Liquers and Infusions

By Hannah Wernet

Transform ho-hum alcohol into oh-wow liquers.

Winter Soups from the Cellar

By Andrea Chesman

Make homemade chicken broth and try these recipes for cauliflower and leek soup, winter squash soup, and white bean and cabbage soup.

Save the Bees, Drink Mead!

By John D. Ivanko, Inn Serendipity

Leave it to a small meadery along the southern coast of California to tell the story of the plight of the honeybees, and help bring about their return. As the oldest alcoholic beverage made by the fermentation of honey, mead is as natural as they come: sunshine, flowers, honeybees in a healthy ecosystem, honey, fermentation and finally, a refreshing “nectar of the Gods.”

Make Healthy and Delicious French Fries at Home

By Celeste Longacre

French fries can be good for us if made with organic potatoes and proper oils. Read on to discover how.


Introduction to Traditionally Fermented Bread

By Anna Twitto

Bread-making is not so much time- and labor-intensive as simply requiring some patience, planning ahead, and tenacity.

Grapefruit Marmalade: Begin a Year of Pantry Essentials

By Wendy Akin

We’ll begin this year with more pantry essentials, going month by month. Let’s start with a Ruby Red Grapefruit Marmalade Recipe, taking advantage of all the beautiful fruits coming into markets or, if you live in a warm climate, maybe even on the trees in your own backyard.

Green Tahini (Sesame Seed) Salad Dressing

By Anna Twitto

This green goddess-style tahini dressing recipe gives a refreshing twist to the classic Mediterranean tahini dip – it adds fresh greens, which give a lovely color and a delicious, slightly tangy and bitter taste that goes great with the oily fraction of the tahini. It’s possible to play with the sort and amount of greens and the amount of liquids, so you can get a thicker, spread-like consistency, or a thinner variation which is used as a salad dressing.

Enjoying Hibernation with Tasty Leftovers (with Mexican Pork Salad Recipe)

By Blythe Pelham

While you stay inside escaping from the cold winter wind, consider whipping up your leftovers into a trip around the world. Leftovers don’t have to be boring and icky like a well-worn nightgown. Dressing them up with variety can be surprisingly easy. Find my ideas for pork roast leftovers here.

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