Real Food

How to find fresh, seasonal, sustainable foods, plus delicious, healthy recipes.

Funk-Busting Tomatillo Salsa

By Ed Hudson

Tired of chilly weather? Ready for summer? Still suffering from a post-election malaise? Break out of that funk with this easy, real deal tomatillo salsa verde!

Harvesting and Using Carob

By Anna Twitto

Instructions for harvesting and using carob pods

How to Host a Farm-to-Table Meal

By Evan Marks, The Ecology Center

Set the table outdoors and break bread with your local community’s seasonal harvest.

Cinnamon Snail Bread in a 6-Quart Dutch Oven

By Wendy Akin

This hearty wheat loaf with its gooey cinnamon filling will be a family favorite. When cut, this loaf reminds one of the Scandinavian Potica, though it’s not quite as elaborate. To get closer to that wonderful loaf, make a filling of honey, cinnamon and ground walnuts.


Eat More Leafy Vegetable Greens with this Salad Recipe

By John D. Ivanko, Inn Serendipity

To eat every part of edible plants, you just need the Honey Sriracha Greens recipe from chef Davin Waite, of Wrench and Rodent Seabasstropub.

Whole-Grain Artisan Breads for a Dutch Oven

By Wendy Akin

I have a black thumb with sourdough, so I set out to develop a recipe with well developed flavor, skipping the care and feeding of a long-term starter. Two well developed starters and a three-day process worked really well. You’ll spend just a few minutes the first two days, but plan ahead so you have fresh delicious bread the day you want it.

Homemade Feta Cheese

By Melissa Souza

How to make homemade feta cheese from raw goats' milk.

Cooking with the Sun with a Solavore Sport-Sun Oven

By John D. Ivanko, Inn Serendipity

Whether you’re a homesteader, farmer, eco-minded urbanite or prepper, the Solavore Sport sun oven can cook your meals without a cent of purchased electricity or natural gas.

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