Real Food

How to find fresh, seasonal, sustainable foods, plus delicious, healthy recipes.

Growing and Cooking with Potatoes and Garlic

By Barbara Damrosch

These tips will guide you in growing the best potatoes and garlic, and show you how to prepare a few simple potato recipes and delicious garlic recipes.

Grab ’n’ Go: Homemade Convenience Foods

Edited by Shelley Stonebrook

Convenience foods can come from your own kitchen. Drop store-bought options, and try these quick meals, freezable snacks, and other healthful recipes.

Smoking Meat at Home

By Michael Ruhlman & Brian Polcyn

You can use this ancient technique in your own kitchen and backyard, even without professional equipment, to transform many kinds of meat. Smoke is flavor.

Growing and Cooking with Cucumbers and Peppers

By Barbara Damrosch

From preparing pickling cucumbers to peeling poblano peppers for a chiles rellenos recipe, here’s how you can bring these summer stars to your table.


The Art of Cooking Sorghum Syrup

By Ronni Lundy

Long cherished in the South, sorghum has recently been rediscovered by home cooks and progressive chefs across the nation.

33 Canning and Preserving Tips from Experienced Home Canners

By Jennifer Kongs

For beginners and pros alike: These 33 canning and preserving tips will help you stock your pantry so you can eat healthy food year-round.

The Joy of Clay Pot Cooking

By Paula Marcoux

Clay pot cooking is a versatile and gentle method that utilizes the slow heat transfer of ceramic vessels and the unique flavors of an open fire.

Roasting in Ashes and Coals: Tips for Open-Fire Cooking

By Paula Marcoux

Open-fire cooking in ashes and coals incorporates the contributions of various cultures, rediscovered eras and the entire life-cycle of an open fire.

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