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How to find fresh, seasonal, sustainable foods, plus delicious, healthy recipes.

A Cool-Sipping Summer Honey Cocktail

By Sue Van Slooten

This cocktail makes use of honey simple syrup, and simple to make it is. It’s just a 50/50 concentration of honey and water, simmered together. (Regular simple syrup is just water and white sugar, same ratio. Try it for sweetening ice tea.) The recipe calls for Ungava gin, and if you can’t find it, use any high quality gin that’s readily available, although Ungava would be preferred for its unique flavor.

Making Fruit Jelly Using Apples for Pectin

By Andrea Chesman

Making fruit jellies without a lot of added sugar is easy when you let chopped apples supply the pectin your fruit lacks. A simple test of jelly on a cold plate tells you when the jelly point is reached.

Should I Refrigerate My Farm-Fresh Eggs?

By Lisa of Fresh Eggs Daily

Learn how — and where — to store your farm-fresh eggs to keep them delicious and disease-free.

The Elusive DIY Reuben Sandwich and Family Secrets Revealed

By Ed Hudson

The pieces have all come together. Proper restraint has been shown and I managed to put together a pretty darn good homemade (all but the cheese) Reuben sandwich. However, it is not without some consequences and revelations of a none too proud family tradition.


Slow-Cooker Pork Roast with Summer Vegetables

By Monica Sharrock

Use your bumper crop of garden vegetables to create a deliciously savory pork roast. Paired with ripe tomato, savory squash, fresh pepper, and hearty carrots, it is an easy dish perfect for simple summertime living.

Sauteed String Beans Recipe

By Ilene White Freedman, House in the Woods Farm

Here's a recipe for sautéed green beans and guidelines for blanching and freezing green beans for garden food preservation.

Tomato-Basil Bruschetta Recipe

By Monica Sharrock

Use sun-ripened tomatoes and sweet basil from your garden to craft this deliciously simple Italian recipe. Earthy and vibrant in flavor, this bruschetta is sure to become your new summer staple.

Tips for Buying Kitchen Staples in Bulk

By Eric Reuter, Chert Hollow Farm

Buying certain foods in bulk is a great way to save money, packaging, and shopping time, while opening up new opportunities to support good farmers. Here are some tips and considerations for buying and handling bulk foods in a homestead setting.

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