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How to find fresh, seasonal, sustainable foods, plus delicious, healthy recipes.

Cooking when Living Off Grid

By Aur Beck, Advanced Energy Solutions Group

When living off the grid, you have a few options for cooking: cooking with a campfire, solar oven, propane (small portable), and full-sized with a wood stove or oven. I talk about a few options here.

How to Cook Corn in a Cooler

By Ann Katelyn

What is cooler corn? Well, it’s corn that’s been cooked in a cob inside of a cooler! Making corn in a cooler is an excellent way to serve a large crowd where any other size of pot would just not be enough. Through this ingenious method, you can cook a lot of corn at once even if you don’t know how much you would need to cook for the crowd.

Considerations for Drinking Raw Milk and the Threat of Leucosis and Johnes Disease

By Steve Judge, Bob-White Systems

Milk is food. Commercial dairy farmers are under so much pressure to increase milk production and cut costs that they often overlook that fact. When you are selling your milk directly to your customers, it is extremely important to pay attention to and be knowledgeable about milk flavor, shelf life and safety. This post will outline each.

How Can Hunting Build Healthy Food Relationships?

By Randy Haviland

Understanding where our food is coming from is something that should be prioritized and not an afterthought. Hunting allows us to experience what it means to be part of nature, and we should not be afraid to participate in nature and food procurement, rather than forgetting what it means to be a human eater. Here is how hunting can promote healthy relationships with food.


Fall Condiment Recipes for Holidays: Whole Cranberry Sauce and Mostarda

By Wendy Akin

Pick a quiet fall day to make your own special whole cranberry sauce and delicious Italian mostarda condiment. It’s quite easy and very economical to make condiments you’ll be proud to put on your Holiday table.

Fenugreek: Health Properties and Culinary Uses

By Anna Twitto

Fenugreek seeds and leaves bring a refreshing twist into every kitchen, along with some wonderful health benefits.

How to Use Soured Milk to Make Cottage Cheese

By Tammy Taylor, Taylor-Made Homestead

Don't worry if the milk in your refrigerator is lightly soured. It's quick and easy to make homemade cottage cheese with it. This post will walk you through the steps for how to make cottage cheese with sour milk so you are not having to throw out an otherwise good jar of milk.

Cultivation and Use of Common Medlar

By Marion Gabriela Wick

The medlar tree (mespilus germanica) likes cool temperate climate and needs good fertile soil, ours is growing in pure sea clay. It is content with seaside conditions .Because of its sturdiness, it can put up with high winds (here: 100+mph) and it doesn’t seem to mind frequent salt spray. Fruit needs frost to ripen, but not too early in the year. Here are some tips for cooking and cultivating the common medlar.

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