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How to Skin Hazelnuts the Easy Way

By Wendy Akin

Hazlenuts are my favorite for holiday cookies. The problem with them is that the skins are very bitter and until I learned this trick, nearly impossible to get off. The toasting method doesn’t do a good job and, worse, ruins the kitchen towel used to rub off the skins. So, I tried doing hazelnuts the way I do the almonds to make my Almond Paste. With the addition of some baking soda, it works!

Brown-Sugared Pecans (or Walnuts)

By Wendy Akin

A friend gave me this recipe nearly 50 years ago. Back then, the recipe was for walnuts, but since moving South, I now use pecans. These are addictive! You can’t eat just one. The recipe is easily doubled and I usually do. Prettily packaged, these make a nice little Christmas gift.

Homemade Breakfast Cereal

By Kelsey Steffen

Cereal has always been the “belle of the ball” when it comes to quick and easy breakfasts for busy families on the go. Revered for their high vitamin content and luring us in with healthy promises of “organic”, “heart healthy” and “fortified with iron," these boxed breakfast cereals have been deceiving us for years.

Goose Fat is Pure Gold in the Kitchen

By Andrea Chesman

Every once in a while, I buy myself a goose. Goose meat is good — it tastes like duck. Goose bones make a fine stock; goose liver, a fine pâté. But I buy the goose for the fat, which is pure gold. Rendered goose fat is a delicious cooking fat, but cooking a goose can be challenging.


Delicious and Savory Turkey Pot Pie Recipe

By Lindsay Williamson

Turn your leftover Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey into this mouthwatering turkey pot pie.

Rumtopf Crock with Organic Fruit for Christmas Food Gifts and Desserts

By Mary Lou Shaw

“Rumtopf” refers not only to the crock but to its contents. Rumtopf is a fermented blend of fruit, sugar and rum. It is traditionally made with fully-ripened fruit of the season, when fruit is its most flavorful. Each fruit is layered into the rumtopf as it comes into season. Making rumtopf from your own organic fruit creates delightful Christmas food gifts and desserts. Learn about this German tradition including how to make make, store and eat your own rumtopf!

Warm Up with Crunchy Homemade Granola and Creamy Porridge

By Mary Ann Reese

When I make Breakfast Oat Porridge, I like to add homemade crème fraîche for that unique creamy texture and taste. The secret to making a delicious breakfast porridge is to cook the oats in milk instead of water.

Kraut, Kale and Vitamin K

By Kirsten K. Shockey

Winter salads require a different approach than the light, buttery spring greens, or the fresh sweetness of summer tomato salads. I find that a marinated kale salad adds that fresh green that we all crave so desperately and yet stands up to the rich warm casseroles and stews that we are eating. In this recipe, I use kraut to soften and marinate the kale adding both flavor and probiotics. What I didn’t realize is that this salad is also rich in Vitamin K.

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