Sweet Corn - Cornmeal Crust Pizza

| 7/19/2011 8:19:19 AM

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Summer is definitely upon us here in the Midwest as we face 100-degree temperatures this week. Heat index aside, we also know it’s summer by the fact that sweet corn is all around. If you’re not a fan of corn on the cob like Hank (I think it’s just because of the beard), here’s a delicious way to eat it, even though it requires turning on the oven.

I love Midwest Living magazine and their July/August issue had a whole spread of sweet corn recipes, and this is based on one in that issue, so I can’t take all the credit on this one. The crust is all ours though, as we make it a few times a month for pizza night. You can really use any combination of flour in this crust—try all whole wheat, 2 cups whole wheat and 1 cup all-purpose, spelt flour, etc. It turns out best when you use at least 1 cup white flour, but it’s fun to make it your own with your personal flour favorites.     

Crust:Sweet Corn Pizza 

Makes 2 large crusts, or 4 individual crusts

1 cup warm water (about 110°F)
1 1/2 tsp. active dry yeast
1/2 tsp. honey
2 T. extra-virgin olive oil
1 cup stone ground whole wheat (Graham) flour
2 cups bread or all-purpose flour 
1/4 cup coarse cornmeal (best if heirloom variety like Floriani)
1 tsp. sea salt

1. Whisk together the warm water, yeast and honey in a large bowl. Set aside for 10 minutes to activate the yeast. When the surface appears foamy, add the olive oil and stir.

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