Nose-to-Tail Cooking: 4 Offal Recipes

Nose-to-tail cooking includes using the offal of animals, parts often considered eccentric and formidable by even the most economical home cooks. Learn about how using these parts actually provide essential vitamins and nutrients, and try your hand at some delicious offal recipes to complete your cooking repertoire.

Long Way On A Little By Shannon Hayes
“Long Way on a Little” addresses the topic of making local food more affordable and grapples with tough health issues confronting so many Americans today, from diabetes to grain and gluten intolerance. Designed to be the only meat book a home cook could ever need, “Long Way on a Little” is also packed with Hayes’ signature delicious no-fail recipes for perfect roasts and steaks, easy-to-follow techniques to make use of the less-conventional, inexpensive cuts that often go to waste and more.
Cover Courtesy Left to Write Press