Blend, Drink, Eat, Repeat: Juice Pulp Recipes

Aim for zero waste by trying out these recipe ideas that incorporate leftover juicer pulp.

Juicer Pulp in Plastic Container

The downside of making a lot of juice is the fibrous, dry pulp that is leftover. Follow these tips to reduce waste and use every bit of vegetable or fruit matter available.

Photo by Fotolia/Marek

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When I use my juicer, I always have fruit or vegetable pulp left over. In order to not waste anything, I use the pulp in baking or add it to soups. I usually squeeze my own homemade orange juice, and the leftover orange pulp is great for making orange-cranberry bread, muffins and cranberry sauce.

Jen Hohl
Holbrook, Massachusetts

(Juice pulp also makes wonderful livestock feed for pigs or chickens. If all else fails, add juice pulp to your compost pile. —MOTHER EARTH NEWS)