Healthy Summer Recipes

Homegrown produce profuse but culinary inspiration lacking a bit? Put some of the stars of your summer harvest — cukes, berries, bell peppers, onions, herbs — to delicious work with these tasty, healthy summer recipes.

Clean Start
Looking to “clean up” your diet? For one person, eating “clean” may mean eliminating preservatives and artificial ingredients. For another, it may mean total food self-sufficiency. No matter where you fall on the continuum, you’ll find Terry Walters’ 100 assorted, creative recipes in “Clean Start” to be inspiring blueprints for learning how to cook with seasonal, minimally processed foods in order to enjoy maximum nutrition and incomparable deliciousness. Walters’ clean food creations — from Pumpkin Spice Muffins to Glazed Baby Carrots With Maple Mustard — are rich in protein, whole grains and essential fats but free of meat, dairy, gluten and refined sugar, so diners of diverse palates and preferences can all dig right in.