Savor the Season with 'Slow Food'

Indulge in traditional, homemade foods this holiday season by discovering the slow food movement.

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Rediscovering Favorite Foods

  • Regional apple varieties. Far beyond 'Red Delicious' vs. 'Granny Smith,' there are thousands of named apple varieties with delicious and unique flavors. Most of these apples don't hold up under shipping and long storage, so you'll enjoy the sweetest flavors if you find an orchard close to home.
  • Rare turkey breeds. Many now rare breeds were once our traditional Thanksgiving turkeys, including 'Standard Bronze,' 'Narragansett' and 'Bourbon Red.' These birds are well suited to be raised in free-range conditions, and produce lean, flavorful meat.
  • Real wild rice from the Great Lakes region. This is the only grain native to North America and is an important part of the culture of local Native American communities. It is still harvested in the traditional way, by canoe, by the Anishinaabeg people.

Megan E. Phelps is a freelance writer based in Kansas. She enjoys reading and writing about all things related to sustainable living including homesteading skills, green building and renewable energy. You can find her on .