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How Do You Save Money on Groceries?

By Tabitha Alterman

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Save Money On Groceries
We asked you recently how you save money on groceries without compromising quality. Hundreds of readers shared a buffet of interesting tips, including one reader who "asks my Mom to buy me groceries" (Brennan Gage of Austin, Texas), and another who stopped buying meat to save money but "slathers everything in cheese instead" (Jim Cassius in Madison, Wis.).

Most folks we talked with know that cooking and growing your own food is the best place to start, and they round out the cost savings by buying in bulk, preserving food and planning meals conscientiously. What follows are some of our favorite nuggets of advice. Go forth and save!   

Neighborly Advice 

Relying on neighbors strengthens social capital in your community, and may keep some capital in your pocketbook, too.

More Is More 

Incorporating items that add bulk to meals is a quick way to save while boosting nutrition and the number of servings.

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