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RawCreations: More Carrot than Cheesecake

RawCreations Samples

We recently had the pleasure of taste testing the Cacao Cake, Carrot Cheesecake and Cacao Ganache Tart from RawCreations.

The ingredients list had us a bit skeptical in the beginning. No processed sugars, no added sodium, gluten free, dairy free, soy free. Eyes widened just a bit and forks hovered indecisively above the cheesecake until someone verbalized the question on all of our minds.

“So what is in it, exactly?”


As long as you’re not allergic to nuts, RawCreations’ desserts are probably some of the safest you could eat. And they offer two nut-free items, as well. As the name suggests, these vegan “live foods” are made with raw ingredients only, and are designed to provide an alternative for people with ethical concerns, restricted diets or a general awareness of the nutritional value of raw foods. If you dread saying no to the unavoidable pumpkin pie during Thanksgiving, RawCreations offers an alternative to feeling sick from gluten or dairy consumption — or to completely abstaining from the traditional dessert.

So how was the carrot cheesecake? Well, it was more carrot than cheesecake. Mostly carrot, in fact. We’re not entirely certain “cheesecake” is an accurate term to apply to this dessert.

Both Cacao desserts, however, were fully confident in their chocolate flavor and puddinglike texture. One editor even commented that these were the best of the raw-food items we’ve tasted.

If you order from RawCreations, keep an open mind and adventurous taste buds. Instead of wondering if your dessert is having an identity crisis, redefine some of the boundaries we often require our food to stay within, and take a moment to be grateful we’ve progressed past the days when “gluten-free” got only blank stares.