Make Your Own Traditional Christmas Stollen

| 12/5/2015 11:11:00 AM

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Authentic Stollen is moist, buttery and crammed full of dried and glace fruits and nuts. 

I like to get my Stollen made and in the freezer Thanksgiving weekend so I can relax knowing the most important baking for my family is done.  Soon, the commercial and store-baked “stollen” will begin to appear in the stores, and it’s as dry and tasteless as a slab of styrofoam piled an inch thick with confectioners sugar. If you’ve ever sampled it, you are now in for a revelation.

I started many years ago with a recipe from Helen Witty’s Fancy Pantry, a good book to have,  and I stay roughly with her dough recipe, but I’ve made a lot of adaptations over the years. 

Don’t let the length of this recipe deter you! There’s nothing too difficult for a beginning bread baker. I’ve broken the recipe down into small steps and sections.

I do hope you’ve made the almond paste recipe in my previous post. (Yes? Great! It’s “ripened” now and ready to fill your delicious Stollen.)

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