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How Do You Save Time in the Kitchen?

By Tabitha Alterman

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There's a reason lots of folks rely on pre-packaged and take-out foods: It's easy. If simply finding time to cook is one of the biggest hurdles to making healthy meals at home, then it must be a good idea to share time-saving strategies with one another. I'll get us started:

  • Time Saver #1: Batch-process your veggies. When you get home from the grocery store or farmers market, take a few minutes to rinse, spin, chop and properly store your fruits and veggies so they'll be ready to use the way you like to use them.
  • Time Saver #2: Soak beans overnight. This is a no-brainer and huge time-saver. Beans can be used in so many different ways, so why not soak some tonight, just in case?
  • Time Saver #3: Make double batches. Next time you build a lasagna or roll up enchiladas, make an extra pan and freeze it for a quick dinner sometime in the near future.
  • Time Saver #4: Use a slow cooker to eliminate time spent standing over the stove. Added benefit: This is a great way to use less expensive ingredients, such as tougher cuts of meat, that benefit from low-and-slow heat.

Your turn! Share your best time-saving tips below.