Homemade Easter Treats

Don't buy overpriced, store-bought Easter candies. Whip up these homemade Easter treats as a family-friendly alternative.

homemade Easter treats

A delicious assortment of homemade Easter treats.


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Thanks to the relentless commercialization of our holidays, it's impossible to visit most supermarkets or department stores at this time of year without passing shelves that seem to groan under pyramids of seductively wrapped Easter confections. And of course, when parents must shepherd their children past those displays, the youngsters are likely to respond (as the manufacturers planned) by begging for some of the candy.

I've been faced with that problem in the past. But now, rather than being forced to decide whether to give in (rationalizing by saying, "Oh well, it is a holiday") or hold firm in my determination not to feed my brood such overpriced and overprocessed foods, I just tell the kids that there'll be treats enough in their baskets —and homemade ones at that! Perhaps you'll find some things in my family's menu of homemade Easter treats to please the children in your life!

Easter Treat Recipes:

Fresh Coconut "Cream" Eggs

Peanut Butter Eggs With Nuts
Carob Eggs
Honey Cutout Cookies