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Goat Milk Mozzarella Recipe

By Tabitha Alterman

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This recipe comes from Home Cheese Making by Ricki Carroll. Supplies can be obtained from New England Cheesemaking Supply Company or from your local natural foods store.

The best cheeses always come from farm-fresh milk. Consult the free and easy databases at Local Harvest and Eat Wild to find a source for fresh, pastured goat's milk near you. I have made excellent chevre (but haven't tried mozzarella) with fresh, raw goat's milk from Jimmy Greene in middle Tennessee. His milk is so great, in fact, that he's fresh out of stock right now! But check his Web site in the coming months, and you may get lucky:

Goat's Milk Mozzarella Cheese Yields 3 1/2 to 4 pounds

Note: Do not use calcium chloride, because it will prevent your cheese from stretching.

4 gallons whole goat's milk
1 packet direct-set thermophilic starter or 5 ounces prepared thermophilic starter
1/2 to 1 tsp lipase powder dissolved in 1/2 cup cool water
1 tsp liquid rennet (or 1/2 rennet tablet) diluted in 1/4 cup cool, unchlorinated water (If your water is not filtered, you can simply boil it and let it cool.)
Cheese salt, to taste (coarse, noniodized flake salt similar to pickling salt; do not use iodized salt)

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