Fruit Juice from Fall's Harvest

| 9/12/2012 8:34:29 AM

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September is the month when hurricanes often lash the southern and eastern United States, and it also happens to be the month when a lot of great orchard fruits come ripe in profusion. So as I produce and "put up" fruit juice each September I just call it all by the name Hurricane Juice.

            To me, Hurricane Juice is a mixture of whatever is handy, whether from the harvest of my own yard, from abandoned fruit trees in vacant yards and alleys around the city, or from the riches of the local farmers markets, perhaps bits of each. By mixing the available fruit juices there is always enough "product" to be worth the work, and of course you can make pure juice of one sort or another without the mixing.

            What's in Hurricane Juice? Well, usually there is apple, crabapple (which can be surprisingly sweet), quince, wild or domesticated grapes, or pear. If you can find other juicy fruits, throw them into the mix. Late-ripening berries might be a good addition.

 apple bowl 

            I got started with this seasonal hobby years ago when I began growing fruit myself as well as foraging friends' overabundant fields. It's a shame to let any of autumn's bounty go to waste, so do give the juice method a try.

 grape bounty 

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