Freezing Broccoli and Beans

| 7/28/2016 10:40:00 AM

Tags: freezing, food preservation, broccoli, beans, Celeste Longacre, New Hampshire,

Broccoli and beans are two vegetables that keep on giving and are simple to freeze.

 broccoli ready to pick

beans in the basket

They are relatively easy to grow and will continue to produce for many months. Beans are extremely prolific — they sometimes need to be picked every day. If you keep them harvested, they will keep sending out new beans until the frost. The same is true of broccoli, but this vegetable grows past the first few frosts.

Broccoli initially sends out one large, beautiful head. Be sure to cut this on an angle, because the plant is far from done and slicing it straight across can result in rain pooling and rotting the stem.

 brccoli cut on an angle

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