Flower Essence Jellies

| 4/11/2016 9:36:00 AM

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I’ve always been fascinated with jelly making as long as I can remember. My Momma would make the most beautiful and clear jellies. Her process was perfection and time consuming.

She would take the berries and crush them and put them into a sterilized curtain sheer. She would tie that up like a little sack and tie that onto a stick or rod of some kind and let it drain into her enamel water-bath canner overnight.

One thing Momma told me you never do is squeeze the “berry sack”…the juice won’t be clear. My berry jellies and my flowers get “squeezed” to get every speck of goodness out of em. Once she made the jelly she would sit it where the sun could shine on it and it would sparkle like jewels. So I combined my love of jelly making and my love of flowers.

Redbud bloom, Violet bloom and Infusions

What Flowers to Start With

Using flowers in some sweet form is not something new. Mountain people have always known that there are plants that have the ability to cleanse, uplift, heal and so on.

I start my process with the first early (Native) flowers of Spring. Red Bud bloom (from tree) which is high in Vitamin C, Violet (we call them Johnny Jump Up), Dandelion and Forsythia.

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