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In 1977 Mary Ann Pickard and her husband decided to eliminate refined sugar and refined flour from their diet and only eat healthy food.

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The Salmon Fruit Salad, one of the healthy dishes Mary Ann Pickard created after deciding to eat healthy food. INSET: Mary Ann Pickard in the MOTHER EARTH NEWS kitchen.


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Two and a half years ago Mary Ann Pickard's husband Bill—a 30-year-old orthodontist—was 50 pounds overweight, sedentary, and tense. He also suffered from week-long headaches, acute chest pains, and high blood pressure.

And it's no wonder that Dr. Pickard's body resorted to such symptoms to "scream for help," because the dentist (who should have known better) was in the habit of keeping a "snackin' box" of sugar cubes in his desk ... and would eat an entire can of cake frosting at one sitting!

One day, however, Bill decided to face up to his problem and solve it. To his wife's delight, he joined a Weight Watchers group and slowly shed 30 pounds ... but that was just the beginning.  The now diet-conscious dentist decided to eat healthy food only. He completely eliminated refined sugar and refined flour from his life, and—in just three short weeks—lost another 20 pounds!

And as far as Mary Ann was concerned, the fine figure her "new" husband displayed was nothing compared to the other changes (physical, emotional, and

mental) she saw in him.

"Soon, Bill could handle stress without overreacting ... his blood pressure was significantly decreased ... his self-image was markedly improved ... and, in short, he felt great!" she recalls. "I was so impressed that I decided, then and there, that what was so good for him had to be good for me—and for our two small children—also."


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