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Aunt Patty's Rolls out New Product, Organic Creamed Coconut

GloryBee Foods announces today that the company adds Aunt Patty's Organic Creamed Coconut to its selection of natural foods.

Organic Creamed Coconut is made from the unsweetened, dried meat of the mature fruit of the coconut, which is then ground into a semi-solid white creamy paste.

Creamed Coconut can be used as is, or can be reconstituted with water to be used as coconut cream or coconut milk.

Organic Creamed Coconut contains healthy, medium-chained fats that are easier for the body to digest and metabolize. This product is rich in lauric acid, a nutrient that supports the immune system. Creamed Coconut is organic, fair trade and kosher-certified. It is also naturally gluten-free and dairy-free. Organic Creamed Coconut can be used as a milk substitute for beverages, cooking and baking; and will be available in 12 and 30.6 fluid ounce jars.

Aunt Patty's also features Organic Coconut Oils which are great replacements for other cooking oils. Coconut Oils retain the same health benefits as Aunt Patty's Organic Creamed Coconut.  Organic Coconut Oil is semi-refined, pressed from dry organic coconut, then naturally refined to give it a neutral flavor. Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is unrefined cold pressed from fresh organic coconut meat and retains the aroma of coconuts, and is raw and unprocessed. Both oils are excellent in cooking and baking.

 Aunt Patty's carries a full line of bulk and retail ingredients, including: dry and liquid sweeteners, trail mixes, spices, herbs, baking ingredients, and many other natural and organic foods.

Currently Aunt Patty's Organic Creamed Coconut is available directly from GloryBee Foods; contact GloryBee Foods for updated information about distribution availability and retail placement.

About GloryBee

GloryBee(r) Foods started in the family garage of Dick and Pat Turanski in 1975 with a dream of providing natural, healthy ingredients for the people of their town. That spirit remains strong today, and GloryBee is still a family-owned and operated business in Eugene, Oregon. For more about GloryBee Foods, visit

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