The End of Antibiotics: How herbs can help

Workshop Level: Beginner
K.C. grew up in rural Oklahoma and doesn’t remember a year of her childhood that didn’t involve food — fresh, frozen or canned — from the family’s enormous garden. The definition of security begins there and the path to health, peace and wellbeing leads right into the kitchen. Her definition of world peace is a place where we all can cook for each other and make music together.

Workshop Description

As antibiotic-resistant bacteria become increasingly numerous and virulent, thanks to the overuse of antibiotics, herbal medicine offers a useful alternative. Inspired by herbalist and author Stephen H. Buhner's remarkable book Herbal Antibiotics: Natural Alternatives for Treating Drug-Resistant Bacteria, this workshop might scare you silly before it gives you hope, practical advice and a profound appreciation for the partnership of plants.

Speaker Bio

Senior Editor for MOTHER EARTH NEWS, K.C. Compton has been on staff with Ogden Publications since 2001. Formerly editor in chief of The Herb Companion and Herbs for Health, she has written about natural health throughout her career as a journalist. She is fascinated by the healing process, and by the many and constantly unfolding ways in which plants can assist that process.

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