2400 EcoAire Pellet Stove


Those of us familiar with “Mother” and her audience are already well-aware of the many positive benefits of heating our homes with Biomass-fueled products, all renewable and sustainable. Fortunately for those so-interested, there is an abundance of product available to heat either larger portions of our homes, or the entire home itself. But what about warming those hard to heat areas, or smaller spaces - or even “zones” within Mobile Homes or  Modular Homes?

pellet1United States Stove Company (America’s oldest) has the perfect answer: a new, innovative and totally unique product perfectly sized for such “Zone” applications, their compact 2400 EcoAire “Window Pellet Stove.”

This successfully-Patented product brought throngs of interested Dealers to the U.S. Stove Booth at the Spring HPBA Show held in Orlando.

The EcoAire is designed to be installed in much the same fashion as a window air conditioner and just as easily, as it is a “slide in” operation. It even looks like a window air conditioner. It may also be installed in any exterior wall. A very positive selling point for this zone-heating pellet stove:  it employs no expensive and unattractive venting – no pipes or such. The clean exhaust is directed outside by means of a fan-powered, direct-vent exhaust located on the backside of the unit.  There could be no easier-to-install pellet appliance. This one is speedy, safe and trouble-free.

Everyone who has witnessed one of these marvels in use came away most impressed. It has performed flawlessly in every aspect. Unlike some highly-hyped Biomass appliances, this one delivers as promised - above and beyond expectations.

Operation is as simple as fueling and pressing one button. Its “brain” does the rest.


  • Large-capacity hopper (30 – 33 pounds), with indoor-access feed door.
  • burns 1 – 3 pounds of wood pellet fuel per hour, depending on desired setting
  • heats from 250 SF to 700 SF
  • uses no room air; draws fresh air for combustion directly from outside
  • automatic ignition
  • Energy Saver mode included
  • ready to install straight out of the box – everything included
  • Portable – simply unplug and remove at end of heating season, if so desired, and stored
  • Space saving – takes up no floor space; scant interior protrusion
  • Safety tested to UL Standard by Omni Laboratories; listed to ASTM E 1509-04
  • Certified for installation in Mobile Homes and Modular Housing
  • Qualifies for Federal Tax Credit

After 4 years of development and exhaustive testing, United States Stove Company has introduced this model for general consumption through selected Dealers and Retailers nationwide, in Canada and soon to be licensed to the European Community. For further details visit www.usstove.com, and click on the EcoAire 2400 location.

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